Chapter 12 – Spoiler Alert


Hello, hello again! I’m sorry for the crappy cover but I added the .psd and forgot to change the number of the chapter. Sigh. Britta’d it (watch Community, please).

Last chapter: It was a college update. Jon Snow met Frances (II) and, after a lot of searching, Naomi met Calvin Taylor, an older man with a lot of swag. They were on a race to see who proposed first due to hardcore sibling rivalry and Naomi won. Tough luck, champ. Continue reading


Chapter 11 – Hash Tag


Welcome back to SbC. How are you guys? Me, I’m just happy this semester is over and excited for Christmas (and New Year’s Eve party, but shhh).

Last chapter: The family had a well deserved vacation at the Islands, where Sharpay managed to get a Voodoo doll. Yay, Cliffords. Is it cheating if I use it? I don’t know because the rules haven’t been updated since Pets. Jon Snow was crowned king beyond the wall torch holder. He and his sister Naomi fight a lot.

Not on the last chapter, but it is important that you remember Penny Heart and Nelson’s 3 children: Belle, Millicent (on the cover) & Quentin.

Okay, let’s get to this college chapter thing. Continue reading

Chapter 8 – Two Deaths and a Robbery

Hey, only 2 readers ❤ I’m sorry for taking so long. I appreciate you for loving me and my sims. I feel like an unpopular class tutor tbh. It’s awesome.

Last chapter: Hope died 😦 Jon Snow grew up. Naomi was born. Penny Heart was pregnant with her second child.

Okay, here we go.

Trust me, you’re not ready.

Neither am I.

But let’s go. Continue reading

Chapter 7 – No More Hope

Weekends mean Clifford update. For you and me, since my decision to become a responsible young adult. This is an extended one, basically all the public transportation companies are on strike and I found myself unable to go to college. Boohoo.

Last chapter: Sharpay and Lynn got married. Together they had beautiful and orange Jon Snow. I deleted those stupid neon skintones. Penny Heart and Nelson had little Belle. Oh, and Gingerbread died 😦 Continue reading